Voice Actor & Cartographer

Cass Merry

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I'm Cass, I provide voiceover services (mainly narration with some character acting) and fantasy cartography (mainly for novels and games). Feel free to drop me an email to discuss your project!

Fantasy Cartography

I create fantasy maps primarily for novelists and roleplaying game designers. I can provide maps with a variety of styles from a classic Tolkien-esque to something top down or with a more landscape feel. I hand-illustrate my maps using a digital tool that simulated ink and watercolour so that you get a map that looks and feels accurate to your setting, with the ease of modification and the high resolution of digital work. If you are a small developer or writer feel free to let me know your comfortable budget - if I am able to then I am happy to give special rates to newer creatives without a lot to spend.

Voiceover Narration

I provide voiceover services for various clients, primarily narration and announcements with occasional character acting or audiobook. I run my own home studio and tend towards a friendly but professional style with a trustworthy, knowledgable feel, but I can bring a manic energy when required.

Commercial Samples

Character Samples

Other Projects


I am part of the podcast "Cass and Joel Have One Hour to Design a Game", a podcast where each episode we deisgn a new board game to a (theorhetically) playable state based on randomly generated prompts. We upload new episodes occasionally and I think it's a fun listen, you might too!


I stream on Twitch, sometimes it's live cartography and sometimes it's Blood on the Clocktower, a social deduction game of logic and bluffing. If either of those interest you, feel free to check out the channel!

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